Why Mental Health Training is Important in Improving Workplace Performance

It’s been reported that around 1 in 6 people experience mental health issues in the workplace, many due to stress, anxiety, workload and not feeling supported by those around them.

However, through correct education and training workplaces can take steps to support their employees in the right way. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of mental health training courses for both employees and employers and how investing in mental health training can now only raise awareness of mental health, but add significant long-term value to individuals and organisations, helping everyone in the long run.

Benefits of mental health training for employees

Improves personal mental health

Offering training on mental health challenges the stigma associated with mental ill health and provides participants with the tools and knowledge to spot and deal with their own mental health issues. The training has the potential to get employees to think about their own thoughts and feelings, which can positively impact their work, home and personal lives. 

They feel supported

Having an open and safe space with people trained to help, reassures and makes employees feel more supported and therefore will be more motivated and happy coming to work.

Reduces feelings of isolation 

It can be lonely when struggling with mental health, especially if the people around you aren’t sure what to say or do to help you. By providing the training you’re removing this stigma and giving people the confidence to be there for their fellow colleagues when they need extra support.

Feelings of empowerment

By providing employees with the knowledge and skills they need to support others provides many a sense of empowerment, which can help motivation, creativity and better leadership.

Benefits of mental health training for employers

Encourages an open culture

By opening up and talking about sensitive topics such as mental health, employees can get to really know each other establishing deeper and more effective relationships. Opening up communication and helping teams to work more collaboratively.

Reduced absence and turnover 

The combination of feeling supported, being supported and a more open and encouraging environment, mental health-related absences and staff turnover are significantly reduced helping improve staff morale and business growth.

Improved problem solving and decision making

Open communication creates stronger relationships and teams. Stronger teams are shown to be more creative and dynamic when it comes to problem-solving and decision making. Leaders and managers trained in mental health lead from the front setting a good example and improving through example, personal resilience and motivation in the team. 

Mental health training options 

Here at West Yorkshire Manufacturing Centre, we have three levels of mental health training courses to choose from. 

Our Mental Health First Aid is a 2- day accredited course. This course will teach employers how to identify someone who may be struggling, and how to respond appropriately. 

The Mental Health Champions course is a 1-day course focused on managers and leaders. This course teaches leaders the skills how to support the mental wellbeing of their team. 

Our third course is a Mental Health Awareness session. This ½ day course provides the essential mental health basics to understand someone who may be suffering from mental health.

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