Hot Desking Pros and Cons – The New Way of Working

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In this article we will cover the pros and cons of hot desking for both employees and employers, so you can decide if it’s the right thing for you. 

Let’s get into it!

What is Hot Desking 

Hot desking is sharing desk space and facilities with other workers at a time that suits you. It takes employees away from the traditional office and allows for collaboration and openness. 

Hot desking was introduced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Skip forward to 2020. The hot desking trend was booming. Today, it is still a hot topic. 

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Benefits of Hot Desking For Employees

Increased Communication for Flexi and Remote Workers

Having a more casual office environment can encourage employees to chat more openly, especially workers in different departments who wouldn’t usually interact with one another.


Hot desking gives flexibility to employees allowing them to decide where and if they want to work via hot desking. Giving the option to employees will help them feel empowered, shows trust, and promotes loyalty to the business. 

Increased Performance 

Through cross-collaboration creating innovation and questions being answered quicker, hot desking could help boost employees’ performance. 

Benefits of Hot Desking For Employers

Reduce Costs

Partnering with facilities like West Yorkshire Manufacturing Services to offer your employees hot desking spaces means employers will save money on expensive office space. Hot desking has been shown to reduce the costs of running an office by as much as 30%.

Increased Creativity & Innovation 

A relaxed atmosphere, collaboration and trust are the key ingredients for creativity and innovation. Hot desking provides all 3! With this, employers will see new ideas, high profits, and goals achieved by each department. 

Positive & Thriving Culture

Many traditional offices focus on keeping your daily life outside the office. To build a positive work environment, people need to be able to express themselves fully. By providing a casual work environment, employees may express themselves more, helping boost confidence and productivity. 

Drawbacks of Hot Desking For Employees

It May Not Be For Everyone

Some employees love their own personal space and with their own desk, filled with their stationery. Therefore, hot desking may not work for them initially. However, once they get familiar with the new environment, they might love it. The great thing about hot desking is it’s all a choice. You don’t have to work there. 

Some Tasks Are Easier Alone

Everyone has that one task. They need to just lock themselves away with no talking or distractions. With other people sharing the hot desking environment it can be challenging to complete these tasks. This is when employees can pick and choose when hot desking works for them. 

Drawbacks of Hot Desking For Employers

IT Investment and Strategies 

Fast and effective technology is a must for hot desking. Therefore, it’s essential to provide employees with the right technology. If your IT budget is limited, it may take longer to implement hot desking. Alternatively, you can hire our full IT room which provides 12 computers with high-speed internet.

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