NEW Mental Health First Aid Courses to Mark Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health First Aid Course

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week this week (9th – 15th May), we have launched three MHFA England accredited mental health courses that educate managers and staff on the positive impact and benefits that can be achieved through being mental health aware.

These fantastic courses teach employees how to improve the wellbeing of both themselves and others, how to support someone who is struggling, practical skills to spot triggers, signs of mental health issues, and so much more! 

The wellbeing courses have launched alongside Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year focuses on loneliness. 

Filling the Mental Health Education Gap

In the recently released Future of Learning report, 44% of people think it should be compulsory for business leaders and CEOs to undergo mental health training.

We’re doing precisely that. The fully accredited courses include a 2-day Mental Health First Aid course, a 1-day Mental Health Champions course specially designed for managers and leaders, and a half-day Mental Health Awareness course.

“We’ve introduced these courses in aid of supporting individuals and businesses in raising awareness of mental health and to help destigmatise conversations around mental health”, says Jill Wheeler, CEO of West Yorkshire Manufacturing Services.

The highly anticipated courses will be run by mental health expert Jen Rawlinson from ‘Flourish In Mind’, who has a wealth of experience in supporting people and organisations through training delivery and business coaching. 

“This is an area of work that is close to my heart and I am passionate about ensuring that line managers are trained to not only spot the signs of mental ill health; but to give them the confidence to be proactive and approach individuals and start that initial conversation which can make a world of difference for that individual team member who is suffering in silence.

My focus is to make workplaces safe places. Where people can talk about their mental health and gain the support they need from their line manager and colleagues without being judged.” says Jen

Wellness training starts from £65 (+VAT) and will cover; awareness of different mental health disorders, how to support your team, practical solutions, and how to look after your own mental health as well as that of others who may be struggling.

Investing in mental health support is essential when looking to the future. “For every £1 spent on supporting employees with their mental health, companies will gain £5 back from reduced absence, quality of work, and increased turnover” (Deloitte).

Our mental health first aid training days are as follows, further dates are to be scheduled. 

20th May & 7th June, ½ day Mental Health Awareness

14th & 15th June, 2- day Mental Health First Aid

16th June, 1-day Mental Health Champions


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